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Swimming Pool Algarve


Construction and Installation of Swimming Pools

Sulpool, a company in the market since 1986, has a team specialised in the construction and installation of swimming pools, which provides the following services:
Construction of concrete swimming pools. Installation of polyester swimming pools. Installation of wooden swimming pools. Installation of automatic and manual covers. Installation of filtration, dosage and control equipment. Swimming Pool maintenance. Restoration of old swimming pools. Advisory and monitoring for our customers' works.
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Swimming Pool Covers

The goal of the covers is to protect swimming pools, keeping trees and plants' leaves, insects and dust away from the water and preventing strangers from using the pools when the owners are not at home. Protecting the Swimming pool is really the main role of the cover; but this role is associated with a range of other benefits, such as:
Safety - for your children and pets. Comfort - as it may, through thermal insulation, maintain the water at higher temperatures than if uncovered. Economy - in energy and maintenance. Durability - of the structure and equipment.
Apart from the general properties mentioned above, each type of cover has specific roles, so the customer has the possibility to choose the one that better meets their needs

Swimming Pool Heating

An outdoor swimming pool is subject to temperature changes around it. The presence or absence of the sun's contribution set the swimming pool's natural comfort level.
However, regardless of the swimming pool's location, it is not possible to fully enjoy a swimming pool from March to October. Only a few more degrees are needed before and after the peak of summer to let you enjoy the comfort of water at 28º C. The only solution is heating, which will contribute to "real comfort" at low operating costs.